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The password for videos was not delivered to your e-mail or via SMS by 8:30 CET? Please contact or send SMS to +420 730 154 153 as soon as possible!

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Please make sure you test your computer before the Testing date 30.11.2016! You could save yourself a lot of trouble!

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Everything you need to know about Best in English

  1. Date and time of the contest – 30th of November 2016. The test will be opened since 9:00 AM CET (Central European Time – UTC +1). Accessing the test will not be possible after 11:45 AM CET. Login must be done by all the students within one school at the same time (tolerated difference is 5 minutes).
  2. We expanded the time available to log into the test by one hour  (until 11:45 CET) due to a growing number of participants.
  3. Computer testing app  – use this application to find out if your computer equipment is ready for the contest. Warning: please check if you have cookies allowed in your internet browser - if possible use Google Chrome browser.
  4. Rules of the contest
  5. Emergency contacts – On the day of the contest, more telephone contacts will be available for you in case of any trouble. If you would have any questions, you can also contact us at
  6. Offline test VIDEOS and the audio versions – 30. 11. 2016 at 8:00 CET you will be sent an SMS with a password for accessing the file with videos. Please download it in advance. The password will also be visible on our webpage. You can play the offline videos or audio tracks for your students, in case the video / audio incorporated in the test will not be working properly.
  7. Please note, that there is no need to pre-register your students anymore. All students will fill out their personal info on the day of the test.
  8. The test takes exactly 60 minutes. To submit the test, it is necessary to click the "Send the test’’ button. After that, score and time achieved will be shown to the student. After 60 minutes, the test will be automatically ended – the answers will be saved into the database and the student will also have the opportunity to see his time and score.
  9. Students must not leave the full-screen test - that means accessing any other locations and applications in the computer.. The activity of the participant is monitored and the keyboard movements are mapped, as stated in the rules of the contest. If any violation happens, we will be notified by the system.
  10. In case the test freezes or stops functioning, please try to press F5 on the keyboard (refresh). If cookies are working right after refreshing the test all previously entered answers should appear again. If not, please notify us about that particular situation with name of the student.
  11. From one single computer, it is possible to log into the test only once, not more times.
  12. Contest prizes are updated
  13. LINK FOR THE TEST – the test will be activated at 9:00 AM Central European Time, the login closes in 11:45 CET. After that, it is still possible to finish the test until the time limit runs out, but it is not possible to log in anymore.