Upcoming Contest

The Best In English contest is a unique English language competition opened to all high schools in the world. The test is structured for high school/secondary school students aged between 15 and 19.

The competition will take place on 30th of November 2018, between 9 and 11 AM. The exact time of the beginning of the test is up to you, however, the whole school/all students shall start at the same moment.

You can register your school right now using the online form. Registrations will be closed on 27th of November 2018.

For the upcoming contest we have prepared your own BIE profile account which is created automatically upon your registration via the link above. The profile serves as the main source of information for you and will contain important and useful tools. Your automatically generated School ID is highlighted there as well.

Students will fill out their personal data directly on the test page where they will also enter the School ID.

In 2018 a total of 17 612 students students from 750 schools joined the competition coming from 29 countries.

Information about the contest part I


  • B1 - C1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • the test consists of several parts assessing the students’ grammar, reading and listening skills
  • time limit for the test is 60 minutes, however, students may finish earlier
  • the timer starts immediately after accessing the test
  • students learn their score right after the test is submitted
  • the student with the highest score wins
  • in case of equal scores achieved by two or more students or two or more schools, the winner is determined by the time in which the test was completed
  • is organized under the patronage of Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, download auspices to verify.


  • high school and vocational students, aged between 15 and 19
  • minimum 10 students from each school
  • unlimited maximum number of participating students from one school
  • no schools/students whose official language is English shall participate
  • the test shall be taken under supervision
  • students need to use headphones during the listening part of the test
  • participation in the contest is free of charge for both students and schools

Software conditions

The Test is optimised for the newest version of Google Chrome for OS Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and also for mobile devices with OS Windows 8 and Android 4.4 or newer. It is quite possible that the Test will work on every device made ever since the year 2000. However, some errors or failures of the system may occur. Students are allowed to use their own devices, however, they still need to be supervised during the Test. All devices must be wired using the Ethernet connection (UTP network cable), or through the wireless network (wi-fi).


  • 01.04.2018 - Start of Registrations
  • 22.11.2018 - Final Contest rules and guidelines
  • 27.11.2018 - End of Registrations
  • 30.11.2018 - TEST
  • 15.12.2018 - Test results

Information about the Contest part II

Final results

The results are available within a month after the date of the contest. Results will be sent to teachers’ and participants’ e-mail and will also be published on the website. Results are anonymous except for the first twenty students and schools, leaving the remaining results available under first names and school ID numbers (applicable to students) and school ID and region (applicable to schools). In case of equal scores received by two or more students or two or more schools, the winner is determined by the time in which the test was completed. Final results are processed separately for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and for the EU.

Results – Students category

Students will have a chance to check their results and to see the correct answers in their respective tests. In order to give more students a chance to win prizes, in the Students category, those who placed within the top three in the previous year of the contest will not have their results included in the chart, if participating repeatedly. This rule is only applicable to students as individuals, not schools.

Results – School category

The school with the highest average score wins. The highest average score is determined by the results of the 10 best students from a particular school. That is, if a school nominates 50 students, only the results of the 10 best students will be considered to calculate the average score. Each school wishing to participate therefore needs to nominate at least 10 students. The schools which placed within the top three in the previous years of the contest will have their results included in the chart and may place within the top three repeatedly, however, the average score will be calculated from the ten best scores of those students who had not placed within the top three in the previous years. Whatever the placement in the previous years, both schools and students can participate repeatedly. Statistics will be processed separately for schools from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the EU.

Information about the Contest part III

Certificate of participation

All participants (both students and schools) will receive the Best In English participation certificate after the results are published.

Certificate for teachers

The teachers responsible for organizing and coordinating the contest in their school will also receive the Best In English certificate with their name on it.

Why to register?

  • opportunity to compare your students' English language skills with other schools in the EU
  • great experience for students plus an opportunity to compare their English language knowlegde among each other
  • motivation for teachers
  • after the contest the test can still be used in English lessons
  • no participation fees