How to register


  • If you didn’t register for the BEST IN ENGLISH contest this year, click the REGISTER button to the left.
  • First, select your username (you can select whichever you want) and submit your email (please use one that we will be able to use to communicate with you).
  • Secondly submit your name, phone number, and details about your school. SCHOOL ID is randomly generated, you cannot change it. No need to remember it, it will be visible to you every time you log into your BEST IN ENGLISH user profile.
  • Finally select your school type and number of students that will be attending – there is no need to be precise, the number is only for our estimates. If more students than you originally selected want to apply, there is no need to tell us – just remember the minimum number of students to enter the competition is 10.
  • AFTER YOU CLICK REGISTRATION, PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL. It may take couple of minutes. Don’t forget to check your SPAM folder!
  • After receiving automatic e-mail from us, called ‘’BIE Activation’’, use the link provided to enter the password setting page. There you can submit your password that you will use to log in into your USER INTERFACE.


  • After setting your password, you will be brought to the LOG IN screen (which you can access also directly from site). To log in, submit your username (or e-mail) and password.

After logging in to your USER INTERFACE, you can see a lot of valuable information, that will allow you to have full control and oversight over your participation in the contest.

YOUR PROFILE – Page with your overall progress in the contest and other valuable information

INVITE YOUR COLLEAGUES – This part will allow you to invite your fellow language teachers to BEST IN ENGLISH and alternative German language contest BEST IN DEUTSCH.

TEST RESULTS – At this page you will find the test results of your students and your school along the statistics – it will be accessible approximately 2 weeks after the contest.

OPEN TEST RESULTS – As a brand-new feature, you will now be able to access the results of your students’ results in the preparatory open test available on the site, and to track their progress during the training prior to the contest. It is required that your students use your SCHOOL ID during login, otherwise their results will not be accessible for you.

LOGOUT – This will sign you off from your profile until you log in again.

MESSAGE CENTER – To the top-right corner of the screen, you can see the icon of a letter. Here you can find important messages and notifications.


SCHOOL ID – This part will show your unique SCHOOL ID. It is important for the final contest test and availability of your results. This way you will never forget it!

COUNTRY & MAIN CONTACT – This is your main e-mail contact and your country of origin. If you would need to change or update it, please contact our coordinator via email .

NUMBER OF STUDENTS – While this number is not binding and mainly for our orientation (it is however necessary to have at least 10 students entering the contest), you can adjust your expected number of student participating with the button ADD STUDENTS.

READ THE INFORMATION AND RULES – It is required that you know all the details about the organization of the contest, and what are the requirements for you and your students.

COMPUTER CHECK – This will allow you to check the computers of the students before the contest. EVERY computer used for the contest must pass the compatibility check – if you skip this important step, it may happen that the final competition test will not work properly, or we will be unable to retrieve your students’ test results.

VIDEO DOWNLOAD – Couple of days before the contest, it will be possible to download the encrypted file, containing the video and audio files used for answering some of the test questions. Please keep it safely in your computer until the day of the contest, when you can use the offline versions of videos / audio files in case your students wouldn’t be able to play it online.

REGISTRATION ENDS – This part marks the final deadline for registering into the contest – do not forget to invite your colleagues to the contest (or the German language alternative) until this date.

VIDEO PASSWORD – This link will be available day before the contest and will allow you to unlock the encrypted file with video / audio files. After that you will be able to download it into your computer or USB flash drive for the emergency case when your students wouldn’t be able to play the video and audio files online, directly from the test itself.

FINAL TEST (COMPETITION STARTS) – This link will be open on the day of the contest, and it will allow you to retrieve a login link for the final test. You will then distribute this link to your students, which will be able to access the final competition test.