How to set up your computer


You will find the manual here!

All we wish is the smooth and easygoing competition process. We have prepared a step-by-step manual where you can check if your computers are all set up for the contest!

Chat with the organizers of BIE & other competitions!

Chat app is here

To make sure everything is working well, we have prepared a chat app for you. You can speak with the organizational team of Best in English contest and it is also possible to chat with other teachers. To make this interface as much secure as possible, teachers only have the access to chat app. Please, fill out Username (your email which you used for the registration ) and also your password (which is the school ID sent to your email address after registration).

If you can not log-in please, immediately contact us at

Emergency? Call us!


Did you get stuck? Manual and chat do not help? Do not hesitate to call us:

+420 211 221 501

Our friendly staff is always here to help you!