2023 TOP 10 students – Special Category

2023 Special Language Background Category - TOP 10 students

The below results represent a Special category for students not competing in the main Best in English contest category. These students have either lived abroad in an English speaking country for more than 18 consecutive months and/or come from a bilingual/multilingual family where English is being used on an everyday basis. There were 293 students competing in this category.

Name Points Time Rankings School Country
Tamara Balvín 117,5 2758 1 Gymnázium, Žilina, Veľká okružná Slovakia
Mia Armitage 116,5 2619 2 Škola pre mimoriadne nadané deti a Gymnázium, Bratislava Slovakia
Oskar Harry Hazlehurst 113,5 2856 3 Gustav Adolf Grammar School, Tallinn Estonia
Tamara Kakalejčíková 113 3599 4 Gymnázium, Košice Slovakia
Anna Balcarová 112,5 3002 5 Gymnázium Elišky Krásnohorské, Prague Czechia
Kaarel Toomet 112 2682 6 Nõo Reaalgümnaasium Estonia
Zoe Kovács 112 3049 7 Gymnázium Párovská 1 Nitra Slovakia
Andra Kodu 110,5 2390 8 Hugo Treffner Gymnasium, Tartu Estonia
Adam Samuel Šimáček 110 2772 9 Gymnazium Olomouc - Hejcin Czechia
David Andrew Edwards 110 3094 10 SPŠ na Proseku, Prague Czechia

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Vladimíra Mašková

Gymnázium Písek

Písek, Czech Republic

Dear Best in English team, Thank you for organizing this competition which our students like and are eager to take part in every year. I also really appreciate that you are always ready to answer my questions and help.

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Loreta Vainauskienė

Kruonis Gymnasium

Kruonis, Lithuania

Dear Andrea, everything went smoothly during the test. Thank you and the team of BIE. Pagarbiai

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Mirela Andreis

Gimnazija Lucijana Vranjanina

Zagreb, Croatia

Thank you! I'm truly happy that our student and school were successful this year and I'm looking forward to our future participation in the Contest. Taking part in the Contest has been a great experience and I'm happy our students had an opportunity to take part in something different, modern and challenging. Wish you a merry Christmas and many blessings in the year to come!

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