Top 10 Students – Special Category 2021

Special Language Background Category - TOP 10 students

The below results represent a Special category for students not competing in the main Best in English contest category. These students have either lived abroad in an English speaking country for more than 18 consecutive months and/or come from a bilingual/multilingual family where English is being used on an everyday basis. There were 436 students competing from 242 secondary schools in this category.

Name Points Time Rankings School Country
Jan Norman Taylor 117,5 3156 1 Gymnázium Velké Meziříčí Czech Republic
Rebecca Brehler 116,5 3228 2 Gymnasium T. G. Masaryka, Hustopece Czech Republic
Jan Crowe 116 1715 3 Gymnázium Jana Keplera Czech Republic
Stella Alexandra Heath 115,5 2868 4 I. gimnazija v Celju Slovenia
Adam Fisher 115 2735 5 Gymnázium Brno, Slovanské náměstí Czech Republic
Alžbeta Kovárová 114,5 2433 6 Gymnázium Karola Štúra, Modra Slovakia
Michal Tedla 114 2632 7 Spojená škola Bratislava Slovakia
Annie Hanalei Veselá 114 2969 8 Gymnázium Dvůr Králové nad Labem Czech Republic
Bianka Birčáková 114 3501 9 Gymnázium Jozefa Gregora Tajovského, Banská Bystrica Slovakia
Antonella Drandić 113,5 2905 10 Gimnazija i strukovna škola Jurja Dobrile u Pazinu, Pazin Croatia

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Martina Kir Jambrek

Ekonomska škola

Požega, Croatia

Dear BIE team, I would just like to say thank you for all the effort and energy you have all put into the competition and organized everything smoothly. My students definitely want to participate again. It is great to see your enthusiasm and I just want to say: keep up the good work. It is really challenging to organize something like that on a big scale.

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Mirela Andreis

Gimnazija Lucijana Vranjanina

Zagreb, Croatia

Thank you! I'm truly happy that our student and school were successful this year and I'm looking forward to our future participation in the Contest. Taking part in the Contest has been a great experience and I'm happy our students had an opportunity to take part in something different, modern and challenging. Wish you a merry Christmas and many blessings in the year to come!

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Umedjon Inoyatov

International Presidential School

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Dear all the members, organizers, partners and sponsors of Best in English. It was very kind of you to provide our students a great chance to compete with their peers all around the world. Of course, it was the first time of our participation in this contest and there was some misunderstanding and network difficulties. But by any way taking part in this contest, our students got a lot of enthusiasm for their studying English. Also, they learned many new important skills, which will be beneficial for their first term assignments. On behalf of all the participants of Best in English from International Presidential School, we are heartfully grateful to all of you and wish all the best for the future prosperity of this international contest and hope that this will be a big opportunity for the students from different countries to promote English Language as a Global Language. Heartily and endless gratitude for organizing this contest from English Department of IPS particularly MR. Abdulloev Umedjon.

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