Top ALL 20 results 2019

Top 20 ALL students

First name Last name Result Time end Place World School Name School City School Country
Anete Maremäe 113 2773 1 Miina Härma Gymnasium Tartu Estonia
Artis Mažeiks 112.5 2150 2 Ŗīgas Centra humanitārā vidusskola Riga Latvia
Oliwia Świerkot 112.5 3130 3 I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. L. Kruczkowskiego w Tychach Tychy Poland
Filip Štolfa 112 3027 4 Gymnázium Matyáše Lercha Brno Czech Republic
Mihhail Mihhailov 112 3271 5 Narva Language Lyceum Narva Estonia
Jaak Sootak 111.5 1720 6 Hugo Treffner Gymnasium Tartu Estonia
Michal Zapletal 111.5 2265 7 Gymnázium Brno, Vídeňská Brno Czech Republic
Nina Mizeráková 111.5 2974 8 Gymnázium Jána Adama Raymana, Prešov Prešov Slovakia
Emma Sommerová 111.5 3101 9 Gymnazium Parovska Nitra Slovakia
Edward Mnatsakanyan 111.5 3384 10 Gymnazium Olomouc - Hejčín Olomouc Czech Republic
Karl-Hendrik Veidenberg 111 2275 11 Tartu Jaan Poska Gümnaasium Tartu Estonia
Toni Prtenjača 111 2499 12 Gimnazija Lucijana Vranjanina Zagreb Croatia
Pavel Šindelář 111 2662 13 Gymnázium, Jírovcova České Budějovice Czech Republic
Katariina Vink 111 2785 14 Tallinna Mustamäe Gümnaasium Tallinn Estonia
Emilia Olbińska 111 3116 15 Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. T. Koścuszki Syców Poland
Marek Milička 111 3413 16 Gymnázium Dr. Karla Polesného Znojmo Czech Republic
Grethen Saar 110.5 2041 17 Hugo Treffner Gymnasium Tartu Estonia
Mark Loborec 110.5 2193 18 Škofijskla klasična gimnazija Ljubljana Ljubljana Slovenia
Raiko Marrandi 110.5 2297 19 Nõo Reaalgümnaasium Tartu maakond Estonia
Matyas Strelec 110.5 2796 20 Jirásek Gymnasium Náchod Náchod Czech Republic

Congratulations to all the students!

Top 20 ALL Schools

School name School country School city Place world Place country Points
Miina Härma Gymnasium Estonia Tartu 1 1 1084
Gymnázium Matyáše Lercha Czech Republic Brno 2 1 1070
Tartu Jaan Poska Gümnaasium Estonia Tartu 3 2 1069,5
Tallinna Mustamäe Gümnaasium Estonia Tallinn 4 3 1062
Riga State Gymnasium No 2 Latvia Riga 5 1 1058,5
Gustav Adolf Grammar School Estonia Tallinn 6 4 1053,5
Hugo Treffner Gymnasium Estonia Tartu 7 5 1052
Gymnazium Olomouc - Hejčín Czech Republic Olomouc 8 2 1050
Spojená škola - Gymnázium Jura Hronca Slovakia Bratislava 9 1 1049
Gymnázium Zlín - Lesní čtvrť Czech Republic Zlín 10 3 1045,5
Gymnázium Brno, Slovanské náměstí Czech Republic Brno 11 4 1044,5
Ŗīgas Centra humanitārā vidusskola Latvia Riga 12 2 1043,5
Pärnu Koidula Gümnaasium Estonia Pärnu 13 6 1043
Gimnazija Škofja Loka Slovenia Škofja Loka 14 1 1041
Rakvere Gümnaasium Estonia Rakvere 15 7 1038
Nõo Reaalgümnaasium Estonia Tartu 16 8 1037,5
Gymnázium, Praha 6, Arabská 14 Czech Republic Praha 17 5 1037,5
Jõgevamaa Gymnasium Estonia Jõgeva 18 9 1035
Viljandi Gymnasium Estonia Viljandi 19 10 1034,5
Masarykovo Gymnazium Czech Republic Plzeň 20 6 1033,5

Congratulations to all the schools!

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Umedjon Inoyatov

International Presidential School

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Dear all the members, organizers, partners and sponsors of Best in English. It was very kind of you to provide our students a great chance to compete with their peers all around the world. Of course, it was the first time of our participation in this contest and there was some misunderstanding and network difficulties. But by any way taking part in this contest, our students got a lot of enthusiasm for their studying English. Also, they learned many new important skills, which will be beneficial for their first term assignments. On behalf of all the participants of Best in English from International Presidential School, we are heartfully grateful to all of you and wish all the best for the future prosperity of this international contest and hope that this will be a big opportunity for the students from different countries to promote English Language as a Global Language. Heartily and endless gratitude for organizing this contest from English Department of IPS particularly MR. Abdulloev Umedjon.

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Marcus Hildebrandt

Hugo Treffner Gymnasium

Tartu, Estonia

A big thank you to the Best in English Team! Everything went smoothly here in Tartu, Estonia. :)

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Alessandra Baciga

Liceo Scientifico Enrico Fermi

Padova, Italy

Thank you to all the staff of BIE. Great organization and great fun for the students who enjoyed watching photos of their peers from far - and at the same time near - foreign countries.

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