European references

2017 Best in English winner:

It was a new experience for us. I liked the satisfaction on students´ faces after having taken an INTERNATIONAL test. To tell the truth, that made me happy as well and I am pleased I got the information and students decided to participate. As for the test, it was not easy and it was not supposed to be. Hopefully we will do better next time. I and my students liked the video-part.

I really liked everything. It was easy to register my students, your coordinators are really friendly and ready to help, my students enjoyed the competition and the way it was administered via computers. It was great to compare their level of English with other EU students and the results surprised them pleasantly and also showed them what areas still have to be worked on. They will get their certificates and will be able to see what answers they got wrong and we can use similar tasks to improve their English in the classroom. They really liked videos-for them it is more interesting when compared to an audio version.

Possibility to see the rank of my students among other European schools.

Not payable, a lot of sutdents can take the test.

What I liked about the Contest is the fact that it offered our students new experience where they could compare their English language skills with students from other European countries. As far as I am considered, I got new additional material I can use as a part of some of my lessons.

Texts were up-to-date and interesting, videos as well. The result was given right at the end of the test.

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