I didn’t receive any e-mail after my registration.

If you didn’t receive the verification e-mail necessary for the registration (it may take couple of minutes), please check you SPAM folder. If that doesn’t help, please contact our coordinator.

I forgot my SCHOOL ID!

Please contact our team, they will send you SCHOOL ID.

Is my registration valid for the Best in Deutsch contest too?

No, unfortunately if you want to apply also to the Best in Deutsch contest, you need to make a new registration at the Best in Deutsch webpage.

Do I need to register my students individually?

No, the students will register themselves on the day of the contest, by using the activated link to the official Best in English test.

Do I need to declare the exact number of students?

No, the number of students in the BIE profile page is only for our orientation. The minimum number of students however need to be 10. If you would like to change the number of students in the registration anyway, the button that allows you to change the estimated number of students should be activated during the upcoming months.

Can students do the competition alone?

No! Under no circumstance are the students allowed to take the test elsewhere than on the premises of the school, with direct and constant supervision of the teachers. Although the test incorporates various methods to prevent cheating, we rely on all teachers to promote fair-play and honest approach in their schools and classes. The teacher must supervise the class during the whole duration of the test – communication between the students and any advices from the side of the teacher (except organizational and technical information) is strictly prohibited.

Do my students need any equipment for the test?

Every student must be equipped with headphones and computer that was previously tested using the software testing tool, that will be provided via the teacher’s BIE profile interface in due time).

How can I avoid technical issues on the day of contest?

Once available, please use the ‘’Computer check’’ tool at your BIE profile page – it will available soon before the contest. Make sure that all computers that your students use for the contest have been checked for compatibility.

Do all the students from my school need to take the test, or just selected ones?

That’s entirely up to you – contest can be organized at your school for all students, or you can select those who are most proficient in English. However please read through the official conditions of the contest – minimum number of students is 10, they must be 15-19 years of age, they cannot be native English speakers, they must take the contest under the supervision of the teacher, etc.

Do students of the same age take the same test?

Yes. Even though students of higher classes can have advantage in the contest, one of the key objectives of the contest is to provide you with a tool to test your student’s skills. It is therefore possible to compare classes in the same year or multiple years with identical test, which will surely be a valuable insight for you.

Where can I see my students results?

The preliminary results should be visible in your BIE account directly after the contest, or shortly after. The official results will take some time to evaluate, and you will be notified once they will be officially released at our webpage.

My colleague from the same school also registered.

If your colleague from the same school registered as well, please notify us by email. If you would be interested, it is possible to merge the registration into a single account, however this may take some time. The results of the contest are however always assigned to the same school, not the specific teacher.

At what time is the contest available?

The exact time of the contest is yet to be announced, however the time of the start will be flexible (by approximately 2 hours). You will therefore be able – to some extent – to select your preferable time of start. It is however absolutely necessary that all the teams from one school start at the same time. Different starting times within the same school are strictly prohibited and may result in disqualification.


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Deimantė Matulienė

"Atžalynas" gymnasium

Kėdainiai, Lithuania

Dear Andrea, Thank your for your help, it was a pleasure keeping in touch with you.

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Mirjana Savić Obradović

Mathematical Grammar School

Belgrade, Serbia

Dear BIE Team, ….above all, this has been a unique experience for all the pupils (and the teachers as well) bringing another prospective in terms of competitions and international communication.

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Umedjon Inoyatov

International Presidential School

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Dear all the members, organizers, partners and sponsors of Best in English. It was very kind of you to provide our students a great chance to compete with their peers all around the world. Of course, it was the first time of our participation in this contest and there was some misunderstanding and network difficulties. But by any way taking part in this contest, our students got a lot of enthusiasm for their studying English. Also, they learned many new important skills, which will be beneficial for their first term assignments. On behalf of all the participants of Best in English from International Presidential School, we are heartfully grateful to all of you and wish all the best for the future prosperity of this international contest and hope that this will be a big opportunity for the students from different countries to promote English Language as a Global Language. Heartily and endless gratitude for organizing this contest from English Department of IPS particularly MR. Abdulloev Umedjon.

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