There are various companies involved in the Best in English competition who care about the future of high school students and the secondary schools they attend. They mainly help us by:

  • Donating prizes for the competition
  • Financially supporting the organization of the contest
  • Helping in general with the organization of the contest

To organize an international competition is not easy at all. Our main task is to inform the schools, create the test and support it technically. In general, it takes hundreds of hours to create such a competition so we really appreciate the support of our partners and their donations. Without their help, we wouldn't be able to organize a contest like this.

This way we would like to thank all our partners!

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General Partner

Komerční banka is a partner of students and a proud sponsor of the international Best in English contest. With your student account you can withdraw cash for free when you are abroad or you can even get your ERASMUS package for study abroad. It comes for free, click HERE. Choose an account that's here for you no matter what you do.

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