Test date postponed to January 22nd 2021

09.11.2020|1472 days until contest

The Best In English test is postponed and will take place on the 22nd of January 2021.

We believe it will help all sides and there will be more schools participating in January with less stress involved and organizational challenges.

Our decision process

we have been closely watching the corona pandemic development in Europe. At the moment it seems that the peak of the 2nd wave is here and the measurements in all the countries are pretty much restricting social interactions and majority of the secondary schools are or will be closed by the end of November. In the Czech Republic the “lockdown” was prolonged till the end of November on Thursday last week.

The reasons are kind of obvious. Majority of the schools would have to join the test online using Distant learning tools which should have been a back up plan and not the primary option. Based on your feedback, for many schools the Distant option is not possible and they wouldn’t be able to participate. Keeping the original date of the test would result in having too many organizational problems on both sides and too much pressure on fast internet. We are also afraid that having the majority of the schools using the Distant learning tools while taking the test would overload our Hotline capacity.

Why January 22nd? 

This date is still within the 1st semester. Starting February there are Spring School holidays in several countries including the Czech Republic. We understand that the 22nd January is close to the end of semester and it’s a time of finalizing classification. We hope it won’t cause you too much trouble. January should be a predicted time-off between the 2nd and 3rd wave which will come according to epidemiologists in March.

Otherwise, the updated rules will still allow the schools to organize the test in waves and Distant learning tool supervision will be possible as option B for closed schools or where it is needed/desired.