Updated test categories

19.09.2019|1889 days until contest

Students will receive their result on a certificate with their ranking within the country, worldwide and there will be also the age category of the student.

new categories

New categories

There will be one special category for students who lived in an English speaking country for more than 1 year, with an English speaking family background or from high schools. Students from this category will be evaluated separately and will not be able to compete for top 20 BIE prizes. The reason is derived from the purpose of the contest which is to encourage young students to study English language and it wouldn’t be fair if they are combined with students with a significant advantage from a multilingual environment.

School categories include the result within the region, state and worldwide. A new category is the type of school. 

Opposed to the previous year, there will be another category for IB schools (English colleges and Gymnaziums where subjects are taught in English).