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Marcus Hildebrandt

Hugo Treffner Gymnasium

Tartu, Estonia

A big thank you to the Best in English Team! Everything went smoothly here in Tartu, Estonia. :)

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Alessandra Baciga

Liceo Scientifico Enrico Fermi

Padova, Italy

Thank you to all the staff of BIE. Great organization and great fun for the students who enjoyed watching photos of their peers from far - and at the same time near - foreign countries.

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Mirela Andreis

Gimnazija Lucijana Vranjanina

Zagreb, Croatia

Thank you! I'm truly happy that our student and school were successful this year and I'm looking forward to our future participation in the Contest. Taking part in the Contest has been a great experience and I'm happy our students had an opportunity to take part in something different, modern and challenging. Wish you a merry Christmas and many blessings in the year to come!

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